SANGUIVOROUS (56 minutes) – A young woman suffering from mysterious physical ailments is horrified to discover that she’s descended from generations of vampires. When she’s with her boyfriend, she struggles to control her peculiar appetite. But it’s in her blood… 

Sanguivorous is written and directed by Japanese filmmaker Naoki Yoshimoto and features the renowned avant-garde butoh dancer Ko Murobushi.

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Staring Ayumi Kakizawa, Masaya Adachi, Mutsuko Yoshinaga and Ko Murobushi

Cinematography by Katsuya Shinzato and Noaki Yoshimoto, Lighting by Mitsuyo Watanabe and Katsuya Shinzato, Production design by Takashi Yagi, Music by Naoki Yoshimoto, Produced by Sachi Nagamatsu Written and directed by Naoki Yoshimoto

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